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Dani Austin Office
I’ve always felt strongly that when opportunity knocks, you boldly open the door and step through it with confidence. When Dani approached me about designing her new in-home office, I jumped at the opportunity to create a space that reflected Dani’s personality: vibrant, fun, inviting, beautiful, and unique.
The final result is all of those things–and so much more. It is sophisticated, yet spunky; energizing but not overpowering; and filled with bold features, subtly interwoven. It is glamorous, chic, and undeniably feminine. It’s a sanctuary for creativity: a space that encourages exploration of ideas, inspiration, and collaboration. It’s also just a fabulous place to wind down with a glass of wine.
We started the design process with these questions and intangible qualities in mind: How should the office feel? How do you anticipate working in the space? What inspires you? What adjectives best describe the ‘Dani Austin’ brand?
Below we’ll explore the nuances of this project: how we used color, textiles, furniture, bold lighting, art, and a strong underlying theme to create the room of Dani’s dreams. I’ll also be sharing Kelsi’s Pick–one feature of the completed space that stands out for me!
Dani Austin Office
The Connection:
Having a fluid connection with your client is critical for the design process; it includes open communication, a shared vision, and a trusting relationship. Working with Dani and her husband, Jordan, was a dream come true. It was made even more special because we’ve been friends for years prior to entering this exciting chapter of designer-client relationship! Of all the things we have in common, and all of the fun memories we’ve shared, I think we are the most connected by our shared faith. We all have a steadfast desire to live our lives fully for God. We believe God calls us to be unique, different, and unafraid to be set apart. In Him, anything is possible–and our potential, when living intentionally for Him, is limitless. This core belief became an underlying theme in the design of Dani’s office: be someone different. In my opinion, it’s the quiet thread that makes this office, aesthetically fun and vibrant, and truly swoon-worthy.  
The Goal:
Outside of the intangibles we’ve already discussed, the tangible goal was simple: Dani and Jordan needed a space in their home where their small team of social media and marketing gurus could come together to create, collaborate, be inspired, and dream big. We needed to design a space stimulating enough to continuously foster creativity, and yet also hold space–a blank canvas, if you will–for imaginations to run wild.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–working on this office was truly a joy. It wouldn’t have been possible without a whole team of talented collaborators. Sources will be linked below, and it feels appropriate to insert a warm THANK YOU to all who helped make this dream office a reality. 
So, how did we do it?
*insert pic of vision board*
The Nuances:
Color is one of the first design elements you notice when you walk into any space. Often, a bold pop of color draws your eye–but the truth is that most colors work together quietly in the background to create an overall mood, ambiance, and aesthetic. For Dani’s office, we worked to find the perfect balance between pops of color and neutrals–creating a warm, inviting, energized environment. And let’s be honest, what color screams glam more than pink?
Pink quickly becomes the signature color for the room, and soft patterns and neutral tones allow these bold, colorful moments to shine without overpowering. I love color, and I loved how we could use color in Dani’s office to reflect vibrancy, fearlessness, and fashion. Crisp white walls, a blush wallpaper accent wall (in 2021 blush is a neutral), vaulted ceilings, and light oak floors create a crisp, airy atmosphere ripe for playing with contrasting details. Black accents in the slim curtain rods, contemporary conference chairs, side tables, and similar details throughout punctuate the space like an exclamation mark.
Orange is the Midge to Barbie’s pink: the warm, funky, balancing best friend. She deserves a moment in the spotlight here, as she shines in the copper-like light fixture, drapery, and accent pillows. We used shades of orange in the office that were evocative of Sedona Arizona’s smooth healing vortex and headier tones of burnt orange – a favorite of Dani and Jordan who are both University of Texas Alum.
The neutral colors and tones prop up the brighter colors saying, “You got this, girl–go shine.”
Dani Austin Office
Textiles can make or break a space by enhancing the surrounding design or falling flat. We desired a balance for Dani’s office of high tactility, bold patterns, rich textures, and a warm, cohesive environment. The wallpaper is playful and retro, yet subtle in contrast. Strategic rugs help define the different zones within the space–and the emotions they evoke. A creamy faux sheepskin rug wraps the lounge area in a warm hug–the perfect vibe for winding down or decompressing. The bright, patterned rug under the conference table energizes that area, prompting activity, planning, and creativity. The couches, with soft yin-and-yang forms, are framed with crushed velvet pillows–begging you to sink into them
Dani Austin Office
Nature is a critical component for wellness; we used materials, imagery, plants, and natural light to bring biophilia into Dani’s office. Wood was used in the coffee table base, side cabinets, and conference table. Marble visuals were tied in throughout with accent tables. Lush plants bring life into the space, and windows flood the room with natural light. Natural landscapes were also reflected in the background of artwork, completing a comprehensive strategy to bring nature’s rejuvenating qualities indoors. Pro tip: find a pretty watering can that brings you joy! It will make you smile and help remind you to water your plants. Design is best when function marries aesthetic.
Furniture should be beautiful, but it also has to function. Selecting furniture pieces that encouraged collaboration, productivity, creativity, and efficiency was key for this office design. We chose a large, oval conference table in a light-oak finish with convenient, integrated power. The table, which seats eight, is surrounded by comfortable, stylish chairs. Casters, a low back, and plush seat cushions provide optimal function–and the slim profile, black frame, and cane back provide plenty of style. Cabinets on adjacent walls provide abundant storage space for office supplies and necessities, and a set of stools tucked under a credenza allow for additional seating when needed. We mounted large glassboard calendars at the head of the conference table, allowing the team to maximize strategic planning and keep goals in view at all times.
Themes, themes, themes: A key to layering themes in a space is to make subtle, high-impact design choices. The themes we centered on for Dani’s office were: fashion & beauty, vintage retro flair, and female empowerment.
Much of the work Dani and her team does is in collaboration with attainable fashion and beauty brands. Keeping this at the forefront, we made intentional choices in pattern, texture, forms, and artwork–all inspired by fashion and the beauty industry. Framed fashion editorial photography elevates the space with irresistible glam. The focal piece of artwork, a vintage Vogue photograph featuring a woman leading horses, brings a pop of sky-blue into the space–contrasting perfectly with the pink and orange hues. The chosen pieces reflect women in positions of strength and poise. They’re resilient, strong, timeless, (and wearing couture).
Dani Austin Office
Kelsi’s Pick: There are so many details I love from this project, but the custom neon sign is an easy favorite. This was a surprise for Dani and Jordan! The funky design reflects their goofy and fun sides, but the words “be someone different” embody their character: unique, strong, steadfast. They, both as individuals and as a couple, continuously strive to be different–living for God, not this Earthly existence. It’s a fun visual representation of the life they strive to live every day.  
I truly believe intentional, thoughtful design can enhance your life, and it’s a true joy to bring a client’s vision to life through this process. The work Dani and her team pursue is centered around helping people, and I know their potential and passion for making a difference in their community and beyond is limitless. It was such an honor to design this office and create a space where she and her team can work at their highest potential, continue dreaming, and asking: what’s next?
Sources can be found here!